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fucking stupid slut [entries|friends|calendar]
fuck that, i'm sick of your crap!

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Check out music from alchalant [29 Nov 2011|12:34am]
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Vote at www.battleofthebands.com/u/alchalant to help me score a gig at Comerica Park in August! [03 Mar 2011|07:42pm]

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alchalant on reverb nation [20 Jun 2010|11:18pm]

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[25 May 2007|03:24am]
that kid in that picture up there wasnt old enough to smoke.. ^

im back.
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[05 Aug 2005|04:46am]
falling deeper into depression, the storyline of the rock opera seems very off center since this lil arguement i got into today.
alchalants in love with a girl.

and rumor has it... alchalant has a boyfriend? i dunno about that..
the only sausage i have is on a muffin when i leave work in the morning.
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[22 Jul 2005|05:53pm]
in the cd players...

car tape player beastie boys check yo head
car disc changer
bright eyes digital ash
eminem marshall mathers
eminem show
d12 world
black eyed peas elephunk
bright eyes fevers and mirrors

lamb of god
system of a down
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[06 Jul 2005|07:41am]
we are the eminem pokemon jim carrey generation
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[28 Jun 2005|07:39am]
so in a 3rd ditch effort to consume the rest of the time before my dad gets out of the bathroom and finally goes to work so i can shower....

like you, the oc is my favorite show nigga. watching the second to last episode of season 2. the one about prom. with george lucas. where grandpa has a heart attack.
am i the only person that finds the adult storylines on soap operas better than the juvenile storylines...
i mean it isnt that bad in this show, actually all the stories tie together greatly and have different moods that cast off of each other. but like on abc soaps... general hospital... i cant watch that guy with the goofy hair with his dumb blonde 'o if i werent retarded id probably be a slut like all the other girls' girlfriend that just almost died. and he random dandered (referenced) that movie titanic. and omg did anyone else see that. i did like 3 times, i watch the show at 3 every day that i have a chance. then mom watches it again on soap net at nite. then on the weekend again... damn dude, thats a lot of soap operas.
i like the oc so much tho cuz shows are that much more intense when theyre weekly, alot has to happen in an episode, if it doesnt... then itll be like smallville without a suitless superman... get me?...
itd be kinda lame.
even tho this last season of smallville was great, and it ended magnificently. 2nd and 3rd season were reelly sloowwwwwwww.
24's a soap opera. and the most intense tv show ever imagined.. or filmed.. or done.. or whatever adjectival propositional concsenant verb fits.
how did you first come up with the light sabre?
did you go to your prom?
i didnt go to prom
i saw the offspring.
if i did go to prom i probably would have twice as much glitter in my front seats and stuck on the steering wheel as i already do from junior year and jessicas horribly sparkly dress.
whats she been up to lately. doesnt talk to meeeee, thats for sure.
so yea zach thats his name right... yea hes about to go tell seth to get the fuck to prom.
dude its 747
aint that an airplane.
so lets enjoy, let the x destroy.
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[28 Jun 2005|07:37am]

Your Slanguage Profile

Aussie Slang: 50%
Canadian Slang: 50%
Prison Slang: 50%
Southern Slang: 25%
Victorian Slang: 25%
British Slang: 0%
New England Slang: 0%

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[28 Jun 2005|06:05am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

'well weve been photographed more than jesus christ'~the fad 3
and there was a shocking lack of controversy to this true statement..

shit ive been photographed more than jesus. wait. no. wait. yea. no. yea... no... cuz im him.

dont sleep!
dont eat!
got to work!
give it a jerk!
and let it all come out on her face
or her waist
losing my mind
eminems a great guy!
and its time to retire... tomorrow...
yea... i cant afford to sleep again
it started yesterday morning. i woke up at 530am
when i went to bed around like 1 o clock...
then i couldnt go back to bed
so i stayed up all day
until i went to work
then i worked 8 hours
come home
havent been to sleep yet
got alot of stuff to do before 9pm dont think ill shut my eyes
not for a second
maybe a couple minutes
but that is the result of the accumulation of blinks throughout the day
probly more like 10 minutes
or a half hour
cuz the eyelids are heavy
felt my chest caving in at work
realized i didnt eat in a lonngggg timmmeeee
and was dehydrated.
fixed that right away
burned the shit out of my right hand at work.... saturday nite, sunday morning, u know my birthday... cant believe the fuckers made me work 6 hours on my birthday
then wanted me to work 7-4 or some shit like that the nite of my birthday... fuckers
but now im a manager
when i got the check today
gabe was talking to mary at her car.
i was in my car
he walked away and she drove off.
im like.. did you????
hes like yes come inside and lets have a nice chat
but we didnt have the chat for quite a while cuz they were busy
but basically i get a blue shirt and a button on tie, probly 1.50 pay increase
and get mostly 9am-5pm and 11am-7pm shifts. with a closing or a midnite a week probly
gabes my nigga
but yea
i gotta sell tickets to my show
its in 11 days
havent sold a damned one
alchalant and cheese grater
id sure as hell pay 8 dollars just to see the new band play the 5 songs we have. cuz u know im vain and everything, and that i think im more important than jesus and all... but... the band fucking rocks. u guys know how good bry reed is at drums, its taking him some work on learning to play metal, just like me of course u know, and the singer that screams just about every pitch and gets lightheaded and falls to his knees at practice all the time steve... now hes a badass mofucka. and todd, 30 year old like 5 foot 2 guitar player with a big long anthrax beard... hes king badass. he ripped some leads thru the roof at practice the other day when he showed up drunk cuz he didnt know we were playing. ive heard that weve got names for 2 of our 5 songs now.
one is called gone. i wrote the guitar part for it about a year and a half ago.
it was gonna be played with the outlook, cuz we were stepping towards the heavier side..
but i fixed it up and made the tune sound real good over the year and a half its been in my head.
doesnt have a verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus format like most my previous arrangements..
more like... chorus, fucking cool harmonized riff, slow breakdown with some hits, chorus, fucking fast but reelly simple to play syncopated part, more syncopation, even more syncopation with a breakdown and palm mutes and leads, chorus.
the other song cunt rocks reelly hard, reminds me of something between hatebreed and system...
then theres the cymbal song, the newest one me and bry and steve made together...
yea... songwriting has been reelly different.
i dont write lyrics and a gutiar part, and tell bryan to put a beat there and have the bass player chug along (we have no bass player.... uh oh... we have a show in 11 days).... (buy tickets to the show)....
like i dont know metal well, so ive been askin for alot of help. besides 'gone' which was pretty much i had already written besides a couple of the last changes... when we go to write a new song on the day we dont have a new bass player or todd cant come... were like lets write a new song. and then i dont know what to do on guitar. cuz im so self concsious that everything sounds too similar, so bry has been helping me out alot by just jamming, until i got a riff that sounds tight with a tight beat that we like fashioned each other for, like counterparts kinda. thats the musical term right? not counter melody, cuz drums not reelly melody, but u know the beat counters the guitar and its awesome. and steves been making some suggestions for riffs. the ones he told me to play for cunt are awesome.
todd catches on quick, which makes me gladdddd
and todd was all drunk and happy the other day cuz u know, i catch on too.
seems like this band has alot of potential. i think weve only practiced like 7 or 8 times. we have 5 songs... that are solid and were now trying to work leads into..... which is a bummer!!!! cuz todd already wrote a lead for one of his songs, and he knows very well what key his songs are in, and i lead in both of them too and its been a lil awkward.
me and him both have different lead styles too ive noticed.
he play fast, i havent seen any tapping yet, even tho theres a tap line that i am trying to right into his second song... the fingers change so much tho to voice the chord the its gonna be ridiculous to get under my fingers... but yea he likes alot of that like speed metal like hammer on pull off kind of leads. and i just jam. i love bending the lead tone up to the root and letting the feedback squeel. then doing my favorite minor3rd, pull off to the root, then pick the lead tone on the next string down technique, that turns around into a similarlick on the 6th of the scale.
but yea, dude im sure this makes musical sense, but whos gonna actually read this whole fucking entry, im like explaining the songs entirely. like... u already know what they sound like... now u dont have to buy a ticket to the show... actually YOU DO. NOWWWW!!!!!
ive always loved metallica, and ive digged some emocore and metalcore, but thats about it, except like korn and system of a down but thats not exactly what were talkin bout u know.
so im saying i dont metal that well... so im like shit, lets go to drop d tuning and start chugging a triplet rythm, and then im like dude lets used some inverted chords on lead beats, and then the other day i was like.... dude lets take a beat out of the riff one of the times we play it... so yea. in our 'cymbal song' just dubbed the name for christs sake (not me ha, pun, hilarious, insomnia!), the outro is an 8 measure long pattern played twice... and the 5th measure only has 3 and a half beats in 7/8 time instead of 4/4.... or.... to appear more logical 8/8.
todds first song is badass
it fucks with timing too
in good waysss
the main riff has a bunch of syncopated hits from the second guitar (being me on this song) and the drums, and the riff is a measure of 4/4 followed by a measure of 5/4. and the fast part of the breakdown gets intense mathematically also.... but this isnt math rock, mark showed me math rock and thats bizarreee... were just changing a couple of numbers to make things more interesting. i.e. lamb of god's life to lifeless.
been listenin to alot of eminem lately
i love the marshall mathers lp
gotta copy that from shay today and give it back to her before i go to work.. if i were nice..
if i didnt hold it as collateral
hehe j/p

so hey poll TIME!

who the fuck actually reads my livejournal entries anymore?!

i remember the days when i was a livejournal slut loser that played in a 15 year old punk rock band and had like 12 comments for every post. so lets let al feel a lil special... and for a belated livejournal birthday present... leave me a bunch of legitimet comments. fuck i dont know how to spell.
o yea it was my birthday the other day by the way... another poll...

so which one of al's best friends called him at 530 on his birthday and invited him to the fireworks... and shattered his insides because he didnt remember my birthday to say happy birthday...


lol j/k


this will go down in history as chalant's longest live journal entry since he had a depressive break every other day in high school cuz he wasnt gettin laid enough. fucking sluts. not enough of em. we need more girls like.. them. and they all need to visit the doctor regularly so they dont accidentally get dirty, then can in turn get me dirty, which would be scary as hell, cuz u know i hate wrapping it up, i dont even question it when the girls on birth control.. cuz u know, it just feells so fucking goooddd... but i dont wanna burn evertime i piss. or get warts... or the drip.... or crabs.... or aids.... like dude think about it
those diseases didnt use to exist
its just cuz everyones having so much sex they developed, cuz people started using sex for (extreme) pleasure instead of procreation.. cuz dude u know.. more times than not, a baby is an accident nowadays, and its been that way and been getting worse for a long time. but yea, everyones just fucking everyone feeling reelly good.
so god was just like... haha ill show these fuckers.
next time joe sticks his dick in someones poop hole hes gonna die!

bravo. completo. finale.
yeaaaahhhhhhh baby (random dander:austin powers)

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[15 Jun 2005|12:22am]
with my new haircut i look without a doubt, like the new countercultures 100% hetero david bowie
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[11 Jun 2005|03:20am]
the infamous voicemail... expanded, more words, maybe ill change my voice mail and add in the second half.
hi youve reached alchalant
i cant make it to the phone
so leave me a message
and ill call you back
unless youre that bitch
that broke up with me last week
press 1 to skip the rest of this song,
cuz i know that its too long
if i dont know ure number
im screening you.
so leave an impressive message
if you expect me to
call you back.
whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh oh.

inspired by my last show, scenesters, some bitch, and last month's drunken proclamation that im the messiah.
.the first testament.
shut the fucking system down
or its gonna blow
cuz i scream reel loud
about how proudly
i shred this axe
sitting in my lap
itll cut you down
i rhyme like gangsta
rock like a punk
party like a raver
like lookin nice like the mods
and its on, chalant.
so shut it the fuck down
bitch broke my heart
so where do i start
ill throw it in her face
and every other place
that i know she likes it
and do you remember the time?
when it all come down
it all came out
forgot that my life was real
cuz i couldnt feel
everything seemed animated
and with no hesitation,
it can turn around like that with a snap,
or a blink, or a nod
i just may be the new son of god
by the day i day youll all know
al was chalant.
shut the fucking system down. now.

im gettin twisted silly with these metaphors now...
with a bullet to the brain
i swear baby you wont feel the pain
so dont obsess over today
it may take some time
but youll find the way
to the party.
pity is for the weak
when youre dead youll have enough sleep
so stay up with me tonite.
and she screams so loud sayin,
baby i like it when you do me like that
ill kill you either way,
so would you rather have it in the chest
or in the face. ~not quite finished.

so the operatic order of the songs so far, like shit.. the story is coming together. kinda. its pretty autobiographical, so its pretty chronological. expecting 4 more songs at least. just been too busy to write lately. recording the demos tho within the next few weeks, everyone will hear it.

every story has a beginning
animated-instrumental overture
the 4th installment, subtitled, prelude to an anthem.
fuck mohawks
the cock star
love songs are performed better without bronchitis
bye bye babykid
voice mail
the first testament
small town, beautiful nite.
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